Abstraction continually allows opportunities to capture an uninhibited motion and emotion, and a constant and fluctuating progression in producing the final work. I draw inspiration from life experience, memory, and sometimes just a feeling. My process is always in flux. It starts with a medium or technique I'm interested in and then the piece gradually develops from there. I tend to avoid traditional narratives. I want to persuade the viewer to participate more in the interpretation of what is experienced. My objective is not to make the image self-evident as a particular thing, but display its meaning as mainly a representation of the media or technique. There are no specific titles given to the images, this way the viewer is only influenced by what is seen rather than what is read. Over time, the act of painting evolves into a matter of instinct and happenstance.



Las Vegas, NV



B.F.A. - Otis College of Art and Design

M.F.A. - California State University Long Beach

M.A.T. - Sierra Nevada College

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